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Finding a potential Cat Blood Donor.

We provide veterinary practitioners with an on-line database of potential cat blood donors, pets just like yours!

Veterinarians need only register with us at to start using our services.

It is free to use for all bona fide vets. There is no joining fee.

Veterinarians must first register their practice. They must provide their veterinary registration number first.

Your assurance, bona fide vets only!

Each practice must verify their entry by fax before they can begin using our website, in addition to this each individual vet must provide their veterinary registration number. The veterinary registration number is unique to each qualified vet and in the United Kingdom can be verified by the Royal Collage of Veterinary Surgeons.

Once a vet has a login they can access our database using our website search facilities, designed for speed and efficiency, to give them the best chance of finding a blood donor for their patient, it could be your cat!

When we find a potential cat donor our system starts the contact procedure to arrange a donation. Simple, speedy and effective, exactly what we need in an emergency.

Your own vet does not need to be registered at our website, we will ask for their contact details when you join and may contact them with an invitation to join. Once registered you can invite a friend to join, adding their own pets to the scheme if they wish.